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"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." - Ben Williams
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We had always dreamt of having a large, but not aggressive dog that loved children and people's company.
Our adventure with the Bernese Mountain Dog began after we had moved into our own house.
On June 20, 2010 a long-awaited addition to our family arrived - Pola, a female Berner. It was love at first sight and our lives began to revolve around her. Pola had brought so much joy and warmth into our home that soon we decided to buy another female Berner.
Erotica vel Brenda arrived on December 27, 2010, it was our joint Christmas present. The girls hit it off immediately and have a great time together, playing, training and attending dog shows.
So different from the dogs we knew before, the bitches aroused our interest in the history of the breed, its origins and appearance in Poland. The breed name itself is interesting - Bernese dogs. It turns out that their pedigree dates back to ancient times, with the roots in the then Helvetia, i.e. today's Switzerland. It is there that the dogs were used to guard property and drive herds. The first known images of dogs resembling Berners can be found in 17th century paintings. By then they were already known in Europe and the USA. In Poland Bernese dogs appeared late - in the last few decades of the 20th century.
This information deepened our attachment to Pola and Brenda, while their successful performance at dog shows aroused our ambition to become Berner breeders. We were intent on starting to breed these wonderful dogs. We maintain close contact with Polish Berner owners and breeders.
Our dogs share our home and are treated as family members. Owing to their docile appearance, coupled with alert hearing and caution, we are not afraid to play host to guests and friends with small children. Berners are so little known compared to other breeds, yet so exceptional! One look at them and you want to cuddle up to their soft coat.
Our dream has now become to breed perfect dogs - not just in terms of their appearance or build, but, first and foremost, in terms of their character and temperament.

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